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“I am too old to waste my final days not living.  I crave a momentous dinner, with a beautiful woman. Besides I didn’t work hard all my life for this fortune to be misspent, my self-interested dad accomplished that”, Said Alfred, as he spit on his departed father’s decaying boat.

After a shower, a splash of his finest cologne, and a suit tailored to his shrinking body; he drove his latest Porsche to the most respectful go-go club within the county.

He sat at his private table and waited.

Dakota’s hair was black, her skin was perfectly tan and it was obvious she never missed a workout.

Alfred stared at her thighs. “Is five thousand enough for an evening in my home?”

The deal was made, and they arrived at his empty mansion.

“Sit on the sofa while I pour you a glass of chardonnay”, said Alfred. Then he disappeared into the kitchen.  Seconds later, he sneaked, behind Dakota and pulled the trigger; Alfred only heard the thump of his meal strike the hard wood floor.

He feasted through the night, then secured the putrid tasting elements to daddy’s tattered boat, and sent them to rest forever on the bed of his murky lake.

The next morning a local police officer knocked on his door. “Hi ole buddy thanks for inviting me to lunch; I don’t know how you make this sausage so damn good, but one day I’ll find out your secret.”










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